Top 46 Marcus Aurelius Quotes on Meditations That You Should Read Today!

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers. He is best known for his book, Meditations, which addresses the pursuit of virtue and justice. He wrote his thoughts in the Meditations, one of the most well-known books of all time. His views are convenient and valuable for anyone looking to make sense of their life or improve themselves.

What do Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations offer us in the way of guidance?

What can this ancient text teach us about life?

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Marcus Aurelius provides a practical guide on how to live your life. He offers advice and counsel for living with virtue under trying circumstances. His words are easy to understand yet profound in their simplicity. They provide timeless lessons that have never lost their relevance.

Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations is a timeless classic that has been read and admired for centuries.  The text is full of wisdom and advice about how one should live life. Marcus Aurelius quotes meditations that are still relevant to this day even though he lived 2k+ years ago. We have compiled 25 of his best quotes that you should read today!

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

“Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius is a philosophical work that has been translated into many languages, including English. This book was originally written in Greek and it contains 12 books of various lengths. It was written as an emperor’s private journal to help himself with his life philosophy. The Meditations are the oldest surviving example of a self-help text that we have from antiquity.  

“Meditations” reflects on the nature of life and what it means to be a person. It was Written as personal notes to himself during his military campaigns; these writings give us a window into the thoughts that shaped Roman society.  It consists of 12 books that are each several paragraphs long. The themes are diverse and include living in the present moment, death, and how to find meaning in life. It was never meant to be published, but instead, it was compiled after his death from notes he wrote as an emperor. It’s one of the most famous books in history and it offers an insight into a powerful mind that was able to rule over Rome at its height. 

Marcus Aurelius wrote his thoughts on Stoic philosophy as he battled against invasions, rebellions and revolts during his reign. The result is an unparalleled account of what it feels like to be emperor of Rome at this time. You can learn more about Marcus Aurelius quotes meditations by reading this blog post!

Marcus Aurelius Quotes Meditations

46 Marcus Aurelius Quotes Meditations:


You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


For it is in your power to retire into yourself whenever you choose.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Receive without conceit, release without struggle.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Don’t go on discussing what a good person should be. Just be one.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


A person’s worth is measured by the worth of what he values.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


A man must stand erect, not be kept erect by others.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Every living organism is fulfilled when it follows the right path for its own nature.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


All of us are creatures of a day; the rememberer and the remembered alike.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Life is opinion.” 

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Our life is what our thoughts make it.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Remember that very little is needed to make a happy life.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Live out your life in truth and justice, tolerant of those who are neither true nor just.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


To live happily is an inward power of the soul.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


No man is happy who does not think himself so.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Life is neither good or evil, but only a place for good and evil.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything which happens in life.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


What we cannot bear removes us from life; what remains can be borne.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Anger cannot be dishonest.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


It loved to happen.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Though you break your heart, men will go on as before.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


The world is mere change, and this life, opinion.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself.

Marcus Aurelius


Neither worse then or better is a thing made by being praised.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


For outward show is a wonderful perverter of the reason.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Perfection of character is this: to live each day as if it were your last, without frenzy, without apathy, without pretence.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Give your heart to the trade you have learnt, and draw refreshment from it.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Time is a river, a violent current of events, glimpsed once and already carried past us, and another follows and is gone.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


No more roundabout discussions of what makes a good man. Be one!

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts; therefore guard accordingly.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts; therefore guard accordingly


The things you think about determine the quality of your mind.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


In an expression of true gratitude, sadness is conspicuous only by its absence.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


It is in your own power to maintain the beauty of your soul, or to be a decent human being.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Your mind will be like its habitual thoughts; for the soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Fame in a world like this is worthless.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Men exist for the sake of one another.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
Men exist for the sake of one another


“Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


“The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


“You are a little soul carrying about a corpse, as Epictetus used to say.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


“The memory of everything is very soon overwhelmed in time.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Stupidity is expecting figs in winter, or children in old age.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Confine yourself to the present.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

What is best translation of Marcus Aurelius Meditations?

It is universally considered the best Meditations translation is by Gregory Hays.

What language did Marcus Aurelius speak?

Koine Greek.

What kind of book is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius?

Meditations is a Non-fiction book.

How many pages is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius?

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is a total of 304 pages.

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers. His book, Meditations, is filled with many life lessons that we can all learn from. Though not an autobiography, it does include autobiographical elements about his life as a young man and his rule as emperor. In Meditations, Aurelius reflects on the meaning of life and how one should live their day-to-day existence with wisdom and dignity even when faced with uncertainty or adversity.
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