4 Ronald Reagan Quotes About Marines to Learn Their Moto!

Ronald Reagan is one of the most iconic presidents in American history. He was in office from 1981-1989 and has had a lasting legacy that has shaped much of our country’s policies since his time as president. One such area that he had an impact on was the military, specifically the United States Marine Corps. Here are some quotes by President Ronald Reagan about marines.

The U.S. Marine Corps is an elite fighting force that has been protecting America’s interests around the world for over two centuries. From World War I in 1918 to today, Marines have proven themselves time and again as fearless warriors who will never back down from a fight no matter what it takes to win!

The Marine Corps is not just another military outfit. It has played an indispensable role in American defense since 1775. This blog post contains a list of some inspirational Ronald Reagan quotes about marines.

What is the United States Marine Corps? 

The U.S. Marines are a branch of the United States military that is under the command of the Department of Defense and headed by the Secretary of Defense, with a headquarters in The Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia, U.S. They have served in every major conflict and war since their establishment.

The U.S. Marines are one of the most elite fighting forces in the world and it takes a lot of work and discipline for them to get there. This force has been involved with nearly every major war since their founding in 1775. They also provide security for embassies and U.S. citizens abroad, participate in humanitarian missions, and make sure federal laws are enforced within the borders of the United States. The Marine Corps motto is Semper Fidelis or “always faithful.”

Ronald Reagan Quotes About Marines

Top 4 Ronald Reagan Quotes about Marines:


Some people wonder all their lives if they’ve made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem.

Ronald Reagan
Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.


Let us remember with a devotion that the flag we love and honor is the flag of freedom that flew in victory at Yorktown, the flag the United States Marines raised on Mount Suribachi, the flag Francis Scott Key saw by the dawn’s early light. Long may it wave.

Ronald Reagan


Today, the world looks to America for leadership. And America looks to its Corps of Marines.

Ronald Reagan
Today, the world looks to America for leadership. And America looks to its Corps of Marines.


A big grin came over the marine’s face and down came his hand. From then on, I always returned salutes. When George Bush followed me into the White House, I encouraged him to keep up the tradition.

Ronald Reagan

When did Ronald Reagan say Marines don't have that problem?


Who was the first Marine?

Captain Samuel Nicholas

What do you call a retired Marine?

‘Former Enlisted’ or ‘Former Commissioned Officers.

Who has the best Marines in the world?

US Marine Corps.

What country has the oldest Marines?

The Spanish Navy Marines.

President Reagan is widely credited with leading America’s economic recovery during the 1980s, championing tax cuts, free trade initiatives, and a strong military defense. He was a president who is often remembered for his strong military stances. Ronald Reagan quotes about marines. What is your thought after reading Ronald Reagan’s marine quotes? Share your thoughts using the comment box!

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