19 Ronald Reagan Religious Quotes To Live Your Life As A True Believer

Ronald Reagan (1911 – 2004) is one of America’s most famous and revered presidents. He served two terms as president, from 1981-1989, and was a Republican. Ronald Reagan had a very religious upbringing. He was raised in the Disciples of Christ denomination and attended church services with his family every Sunday.

Reagan had a strong belief in God. His faith in God was so strong that he believed it was a divine calling to lead this country. His quotes about religion are widely regarded to be some of his best work on the subject. They range from thoughtful to humorous, but all are thought-provoking. Which quote do you find most compelling? 

In this blog post we’ll explore some Ronald Reagan quotes that will inspire you to live your life as a true believer in God!

Ronald Reagan’s religious quotes can be found all over the internet. But the following are some quotes from Ronald Reagan about religion that show the importance he placed on faith, prayer, and belief in God.

Ronald Reagan quotes on religious freedom:

Ronald Reagan is one of the most influential republican presidents in history. He was so influential that many people forget his religious views, and what it meant for America at the time. This blog post will explore some of Ronald Reagan’s quotes on religious freedom where you will get his religious life in detail.

Top 19 Ronald Reagan Quotes On Religion:


If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.

Ronald Reagan
If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under


The time has come to turn to God and reassert our trust in Him for the healing of America – our country is in need of and ready for a spiritual renewal.

Ronald Reagan


I miss going to church, but I think the Lord understands.

Ronald Reagan


Politics and morality are inseparable.

Ronald Reagan


And as morality’s foundation is religion, religion and politics are necessarily related.

Ronald Reagan
And as morality's foundation is religion, religion and politics are necessarily related


We need religion as a guide. We need it because we are imperfect, and our government needs the church, because only those humble enough to admit they’re sinners can bring to democracy the tolerance it requires in order to survive.

Ronald Reagan


We in the United States, above all, must remember that lesson, for we were founded as a nation of openness to people of all beliefs. And so we must remain. Our very unity has been strengthened by our pluralism.

Ronald Reagan


“We establish no religion in this country, we command no worship, we mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and state are, and must remain, separate.

Ronald Reagan


All are free to believe or not believe, all are free to practice a faith or not, and those who believe are free, and should be free, to speak of and act on their belief.” 

Ronald Reagan


We have God’s promise that what we give will be given back many times over, so let us go forth from here and rekindle the fire of our faith.

Ronald Reagan


Let our wisdom be vindicated by our deeds.

Ronald Reagan


[Our goal] is to help revive America’s traditional values: faith, family, neighborhood, work and freedom.

Ronald Reagan


I have been one who believes that abortion is the taking of a human life.

Ronald Reagan


Without God, there is no virtue because there is no prompting of the conscience.

Ronald Reagan


Without God, there is a coarsening of the society; without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure.

Ronald Reagan


They never intended to construct a wall of hostility between government and the concept of religious belief itself.

Ronald Reagan


We are never defeated unless we give up on God.

Ronald Reagan


The Founding Fathers believed that faith in God was the key to our being a good people and America’s becoming a great nation.

Ronald Reagan


Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.

Ronald Reagan

What was Ronald Reagan's religion?

Reagan identified himself as a Christian.

What was Ronald Reagan's best speech?

“Tear down this wall” (1987) was one of the best speeches of Ronald Reagan.

How old was Ronald Reagan when he became president?

Ronald Reagan was 69 years old when he became president.

What is Ronald Reagan’s religious faith?

Ronald Reagan was a Disciple of Christ’s faith.

Ronald Reagan was our 40th President of the United States. He was also a well-known actor before his presidency. In this blog post, we explored some of Ronald Reagan’s religious quotes and see how they apply to today’s world. What do you think after reading Ronald Reagan religious quotes? We would love to hear from you!

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